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“Torrington, Alberta’s Claim to Notoriety!”

Torrington, Alberta’s Claim to Notoriety!

It’s easy to think of Banff and Jasper when you think of Alberta, and it would be hard to find a more beautiful place than the Canadian Rockies for a roadtrip in July. But Alberta has far more to offer than turquoise lakes and hanging glaciers. I decided, as I headed south from Edmonton to Spokane, Washington, to travel the prairies instead of taking the mountain route.

It was the name of Driedmeat Lake that attracted me to highway 21, but I never did find the body of water with that intriguing name. Instead, I kept rolling south through New Norway, Bashaw, and Mirror, admiring the yellow canola fields and picturesque farms. Continue Reading

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DISCLAIMER – This is the “unofficial” guide to the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, Alberta, Canada. We do not own or operate the museum; we have created this tribute website as fans of the Gopher Hole Museum. Thanks for visiting our site, though there is nothing like actually being there in person!