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Huffington Post article

“The Gopher Hole Museum In Canada Is One Furry Freak Show You HAVE To See”

The Huffington Post.

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Gastown Gazette article “In the Immortal Words of Jean-Paul Sartre: Au Revoir, Gopher”

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“What Really Goes on in Torrington’s Gopher Holes”

“As you can see we’ve had visitors from every country in the world” says the curator pointing to push pins crowding the countries on the map. Torrington Alberta’s “World Famous Gopher Hole Museum” really is world famous. It may also be the only museum in the world that’s a cross between a taxidermy shop andContinue Reading

“JACK FM Donnie Day Trip to the Gopher Hole Museum”

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“Odd Culture – Gopher Hole Museum”

In Alberta, Canada is a small hamlet called Torrington. It has a population of 200 or so and would normally not even be a blip on anyone’s radar, except for their one little claim to fame. It’s a place called the Gopher Hole Museum. The owners say that the Gopher Hole Museum is “world famous”Continue Reading

“Go-pher the Museum”

Go-pher the Museum, Stay for the Fire Hydrants: The World Famous Gopher Hole Museum Bad news, guys: I didn’t marry a prince last month. Unlucky, I know. But I’m not sobbing into my pillow (anymore). Nope, I am now in the happy embrace of memories from my trip to the GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH. WouldContinue Reading

“The Torrington Gopher Hole Museum”

Torrington, Alberta (pop. 192) is an idyllic prairie town an hour northeast of Calgary. Surrounded by rolling grassland, it has the typical small town amenities; a nondescript post office, hair salon, restaurant, and general store with one rusty gas pump. It has also generated a fantastic amount of controversy over the last four years dueContinue Reading

“Curious Gopher”

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“Torrington, Alberta’s Claim to Notoriety!”

Torrington, Alberta’s Claim to Notoriety! It’s easy to think of Banff and Jasper when you think of Alberta, and it would be hard to find a more beautiful place than the Canadian Rockies for a roadtrip in July. But Alberta has far more to offer than turquoise lakes and hanging glaciers. I decided, as IContinue Reading

“Torrington AB, Home of the Gopher Hole Museum”

Quite possibly the best small town museum EVER! This hamlet of 184 (and I believe a 10th of their population is somehow affiliated with the museum, it’s well worth the stop off of Highway 2 which runs between Edmonton and Calgary. The dioramas are chock full of Canadian references complete with witty captions and costumes.Continue Reading

We make regular appearances from June 1st until September 30th when we go into hibernation for the winter.

Monday 10AM until 5PM

Tuesday 10AM until 5PM

Wednesday 10AM until 5PM

Thursday 10AM until 5PM

Friday 10AM until 5PM

Saturday 10AM until 5PM

Sunday 10AM until 5PM

Admission: $2.00/person $0.50 (children under 14)

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DISCLAIMER – This is the “unofficial” guide to the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, Alberta, Canada. We do not own or operate the museum; we have created this tribute website as fans of the Gopher Hole Museum. Thanks for visiting our site, though there is nothing like actually being there in person!