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“JACK FM Donnie Day Trip to the Gopher Hole Museum”

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  1. Debbie Young says:

    Hello from Victoria BC

    My mother recently passed away and left me about 1,500 copies of a book she wrote entitled a “Gopher Tale.” I recently had a kindergarten teacher review the book and below is what she had to say . If you ever run the story about the Gopher Hole Museum again I would love to offer several books as give away prizes and have chance to plug the book. Books are available from Dragonfly Books in Colwood or from me and cost $16.00. Thank you for this opportunity to write you. (My husband will be enternally grateful if you get some of these books out of his crawl space.)My mom always had one of the books with her and whenever there was a child in a waiting room or elsewhere the two would connect over her book.

    “Georgina Young’s early chapter book A Gopher Tale is suitable for primary grades. The author combines fantasy with fact as Debbie the gopher experiences her first summer season followed by a “wintermare” during hibernation. Informational text describes the life cycle of Richardson’s Ground Squirrels (gophers) and the workings of grain elevators which once dotted the prairie landscape. Graphic organizers interspersed with charming illustrations and photographs provide support to the narrative and the emerging reader. A Gopher Tale compliments any study of Canada and is a welcome addition to the classroom.”

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We make regular appearances from June 1st until September 30th when we go into hibernation for the winter.

Monday 10AM until 5PM

Tuesday 10AM until 5PM

Wednesday 10AM until 5PM

Thursday 10AM until 5PM

Friday 10AM until 5PM

Saturday 10AM until 5PM

Sunday 10AM until 5PM

Admission: $2.00/person $0.50 (children under 14)

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DISCLAIMER – This is the “unofficial” guide to the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, Alberta, Canada. We do not own or operate the museum; we have created this tribute website as fans of the Gopher Hole Museum. Thanks for visiting our site, though there is nothing like actually being there in person!