All Photos Courtesy of Man on the Lam.

“What Really Goes on in Torrington’s Gopher Holes”

“As you can see we’ve had visitors from every country in the world” says the curator pointing to push pins crowding the countries on the map. Torrington Alberta’s “World Famous Gopher Hole Museum” really is world famous. It may also be the only museum in the world that’s a cross between a taxidermy shop and a Playmobil set.


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We make regular appearances from June 1st until September 30th when we go into hibernation for the winter.

Monday 10AM until 5PM

Tuesday 10AM until 5PM

Wednesday 10AM until 5PM

Thursday 10AM until 5PM

Friday 10AM until 5PM

Saturday 10AM until 5PM

Sunday 10AM until 5PM

Admission: $2.00/person $0.50 (children under 14)

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DISCLAIMER – This is the “unofficial” guide to the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, Alberta, Canada. We do not own or operate the museum; we have created this tribute website as fans of the Gopher Hole Museum. Thanks for visiting our site, though there is nothing like actually being there in person!